We Manage Your Energy Bills

  We speak to energy suppliers for you

  We handle your complaints

  When things go wrong we fix them

We Manage Your Energy Bills

  We keep you on the best tariffs

  We manage your switch

  We manage your renewals

We Manage Your Energy Bills

  We support you with queries & faults

  We provide energy saving advice

  We manage EVERYTHING for you!









Direct Debit Increases

Direct Debit Increases

Is your fixed rate tariff coming to an end? or recently ended? Are you noticing a price increase above 54%?The reason for this is, that you fixed prior to October 2021 and the April 2022 fixed-priced deal has protected you from two price increases on the standard...

Energy Price Cap Timeline

Energy Price Cap Timeline

Our CEO, Jo Gilbert was recently asked to comment on the current energy situation. CUBES is very vocal about how the Government needs to step up and take action. Equally, it's extremely important that we remind energy suppliers of their responsibilities and encourage...

Guardian Interview – May ’22

Guardian Interview – May ’22

Jo our CEO, was Interviewed by The Guardian today. Of course we are pro any media coverage of the current 'Cost of Living' and 'Energy Crisis', however, this article highlights the need to take some things with a pinch of salt or better still go and do your own...

We pay you any commission

If any supplier or 3rd party pays us a commission then we give it to you in the form of an energy credit on your bill. This is how we remain un-bias in selecting the best supplier for you.

Or, manage the switch with both the old and new suppliers for you

You don’t have to lift a finger. We will speak to the existing supplier, then engage with the new supplier providing them with all the details they need to complete the switch

Inform the supplier if we are sticking with them

We will manage the communication and ensure deadlines are hit (so you never default onto an expensive tariff)

Review Price, Green Energy, Service, Other services

We will check with you what is important. Whether it be any combination of price, green energy or other services e.g. tariffs that work best for Electric Vehicles

Full Market Check

Unlike price comparison sites and auto-switching services, we will check the WHOLE market. As we don’t receive payments from suppliers then we are not biased.

Meter Read Validation

We will provide you with a simple means to send us regular meter reads and we will validate these reads and then pass them to your energy supplier. We will need these to keep track of your account, bills and spending. *Unless you have a smart meter.

Billing Accuracy

We will ensure every bill is checked for 100% accuracy. Any issues we will let you know and contact the supplier to rectify

Home Moves

If you are moving home, we will ensure the process runs smoothly with your current supplier, we will also get you set up in your new home ready for when you move in.  This could include taking your tariff with you, obtaining a final bill and refund, getting a new supplier and a new tariff.

Debt Signposting

We know circumstances can change quickly. Don’t worry, we can be an early warning gate to prevent unnecessary credit management costs on your account. Signposting you to the support you need.

Price Changes

If there are any price changes put onto the account we will verify and identify if there are any alternative options, including switching within contract.

Protecting Loved Ones

We will step in if we detect any incorrect activity. Including door to door sales people targeting the vulnerable


If you have any complaints we will raise them with the supplier on your behalf

Calculation Check

We will check all calculations used by the supplier to ensure you have not over paid


If you are entitled to a refund, we will ensure it is processed in a timely manner for you. Final Bill refunds should be paid within 10 working days under the Switch Guarantee.


We will ensure your account has the maximum exposure to all the discounts a supplier offers.

Payment Adequacy

We will perform a calculation known as a Direct Debit adequacy check. This will calculate your energy consumption and forecast what you are likely to use until the end of your contract. It will also take into account any under or overpayments, ensuring no large credits or debits build up on your account. Meaning you only pay for the energy you use.